00 Amar Ujala Foundation Hosts Bal Film Mahotsav to Inspire Students in Vikas Khand Maholi, Sitapur, Lucknow unit.

Amar Ujala Foundation organized a 'Bal Film Mahotsav' aimed at inspiring students to adopt values like truthfulness, good behavior, and regular newspaper reading. The Mahotsav featured films such as 'Gattu ki Samajhdari' and 'Acchi Aadatein', which left a lasting impact on the young audience. In one of the shows held at Primary School Bileria, Vikas Khand Pisaawan, Sitapur, 45 children participated, while another show at Primary School Itawa Kishunpur, Vikas Khand Pisaawan, Sitapur saw 49 children in attendance. Additionally, Primary School Musaha, Vikas Khand Maholi, Sitapur, had 86 children participating in the festival, making it a significant event in the region. A total of 180 students participated in this enlightening event.


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