00 AUF changing lives changing visions
AUF changing lives changing visions

As a part of this program, members of Amar Ujala Foundation, on a 6 days trip to Baandal valley, showcased many educational and moral films from the children film society of India, which motivated the students to inculcate good values and follow the path of truth in life. Not only this, AUF team also organized art competitions for locals in the villages where their natural talents were motivated and bought to limelight.

Life in cities is full of activities. Young children in cities have more resources than they can ever utilize. On the other hand, in rural areas there is scarcity of resources. This develops lack of confidence and worthlessness. It would not be right to say that the most potential youth of our country belong to that section of the society which has ample resources to facilitate their connectivity with the basic necessities of development.

In order to inculcate confidence in those less privileged sections of our society and promote them to follow a path of self sustaining development, Amar Ujala Foundation has initiated Visionaries of Change program.

Under this program, the team of Amar Ujala Foundation visits various remote locations and indulges in group discussions and motivational sessions for youngsters. Along with this, the team also showcases selected value based films, from the Children Film Society of India, followed by various games and activities like painting competition etc.


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