This unique program for education and awareness among women in rural parts of Haryana was initiated in the month of July, 2014 and has been going on successfully since then. During this activity, local women farmers are identified in a group of 5 each, and trained to research on the types of insects that are beneficial and harmful for the cotton crops. These women are provided with free magnifying lenses, pads and pens, and are trained for 18 successive weeks. During this training, the women groups identify 43 vegetarian and 163 non-vegetarian varieties of insects. Amar Ujala Foundation also organized a day-long seminar on the 28th Feb 2015, for all the farmers of Haryana, during which the State Agriculture Minister and other officials praised the initiated and discouraged the use of pesticides on the crops. This whole program provided strength and awareness to the farmers to yield better variety of crops.

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