00 AUF empowers youth against cyber crime
AUF empowers youth against cyber crime

To make our young generation equipped to fight Cyber Crime in future, and to create a network of Cyber Security Netizens, Amar Ujala Foundation recently organized a short duration certificate course for selected students at Lucknow and Kanpur in collaboration with Indian Cyber Army. Basic purpose of this course was to make the students aware about prevalent cyber laws, the kind of traps and methodologies used by cyber criminals and ways to prevent it.

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before. Yet, for all its advantages, increased connectivity brings increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse.

New technologies create new criminal opportunities but few new types of crime. What distinguishes cybercrime from traditional criminal activity? Obviously, one difference is the use of the digital computer, but technology alone is insufficient for any distinction that might exist between different realms of criminal activity. Criminals do not need a computer to commit fraud, traffic in child pornography and intellectual property, steal an identity, or violate someone’s privacy. All those activities existed before the “cyber” prefix became ubiquitous. Cybercrime, especially involving the Internet, represents an extension of existing criminal behaviour alongside some novel illegal activities.


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