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Empowerment of Women at Baandal Valley

Amar Ujala Foundation has adopted 8 villages in Uttarakhand, in collaboration with HESCO, for the overall upliftment primarily focussing on women welfare, empowerment and education, skill upgradation and livelihood. AUF had started its work in Sitapur, Sarkhet, GhantuSera, Silla Sera, and Tacchila village since 2012, whereas Kumalda, Bhara Katal and Phulaet are newly added to our work area. Past one year has been really happening for AUF in Baandal Valley. Here is a list of projects that AUF undertook in 2014-2015.

1) Establishment of Sewing Centre – The actual strength of any village lies in the hands of women. Mostly in all remote villages, the women of the village holds all the primarily responsibilities such as farming, cutting and maintaining crop, timely watering the crop, taking care of the cattle, taking care of the family etc. Realizing this strength, AUF is working towards empowerment of these women in Baandal Valley, who can learn new skills in their free time, which in turn can help them independently to make a secondary earning for the family. In order to achieve this goal, AUF has set up Mahila Mangal Dal, for the women of all 8 villages of the valley – Sitapur, Sarkhet, Ghantu Sera, Silla Sera, Kumalda, Phulaet, Bharwa Katal and Tachhila. This year, 3 specialized training were organized in collaboration with HESCO, in order to upgrade the skills of the women working at sewing centre. Also, AUF has provided one high end embroidery machine, and one high end machine for fashionable stitching to the sewing centre in Sitapur.

2) Food Processing Unit – In order to make the most of the natural fruits and products found in Baandal Valley, we have also set up a food processing centre each in Ghantu Sera and Sitapur, where women from Sarkhet, Kumalda, Ghantu Sera, Tachhila, Phulaet and Sitapur join in to produce a variety of pickles, squash, honey and candies and fruit bars, which are marketed under the banner of HESCO WISE, an FSSAI accredited brand.

3) Baandal Utsav – In order to connect Baandal Valley with the rest of the world, Amar Ujala Foundation organizes Baandal Utsav in which imminent personalities from cultural background are invited to participate and interact with the locals. This way the local talent is encouraged and a positive energy is developed to provide momentum for the overall development of Baandal Valley. In the past one year, Amar Ujala Foundation organized two such festivals.

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Apart from this we have also been immensely involved in upliftment of health and hygiene in remote villages with the help of Health Camps and Evening Clinics.

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