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Swasth Shareer Surakshit Jeevan

Amar Ujala Foundation organized more than 85 Health Checkup Camps at various locations across India in the past one year, in which more than 10,000 people were benefitted. Swasth Shareer Surakshit Jeevan is one special initiative of Amar Ujala Foundation to provide healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas through standalone camps. Amar Ujala Foundation aims to provide comprehensive health services – curative, preventive, promotive and referral, to a large number of people in selected areas. AUF has adopted 19 location - 3 in Pilibhit, 3 in Haldwani, 5 in Dehradun, 3 in Agra and 2 in Ghaziabad. The primary focus is to equip the remotely located PHCs so that it functions with more efficiency, and the residents can take most advantage from it. AUF has also purchased a mobile medical checkup lab, which can perform 23 different types of biochemical blood tests. These tests can examine a number of diseases. We also have a specially designed medical van which can reach remote locations easily, and facilitate the health camps. Along with the medical facilities, the van is also equipped for screening movie shows.

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Cancer Checkup Camps

Amar Ujala Foundation held hands with Bhakti Vedanta Hospital in 2014, to do free cancer checkup camps, as well as spread awareness through newspaper to prevent cancer amongst masses. Bhakti Vedanta Hospital is run by the Sri Chaitanya Welfare Charitable Trust, and was established in 1986. Based in Mumbai, Bhakti Vedanta Hospital has India’s finest Oncologists on board. Amar Ujala Foundation, along with Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, not only conducts free cancer checkup camps, but also provided full support to the cancer patients who cannot afford the cost of treatment. Concessions provided for the cancer patients – Amar Ujala Foundation believes that if cancer is detected on time, half the battle is already won. But we wont leave the patients just there. Amar Ujala Foundation, with the help of Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, empowers all the patient to fight till the battle is completely won. We do this by providing as much support as possible. •No fee is charged for the cancer checkup camps •Those detected with Cancer, are immediately referred to Bhakti Vedanta Hospital Mumbai, without any delay in waiting for dates. •Upto 75% train concession passes are made available to Cancer Patients so that their journey can be eased •Fooding and Accommodation facility at minimum rates of Rs.50 per day is provided to all Cancer Patients inside the Hospital premise. •Every cancer patient is given a discount of 60-75% on the total treatment expenses. •Most of the surgeries are done at a cost less than 50 thousand. •Some of the most advanced surgeries are also done under a budget of 1 lakh. In the past one year, Amar Ujala Foundation organized 18 Cancer Checkup Camps and provided checkup to more than 10,000 patients. Also, around 500 patients were given treatments and cancer consultations at Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, Mumbai.

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Blood Donation Camps

Realizing the urgent need of blood donation across the country, Amar Ujala Foundation has organized more than 80 blood donation camps in 7 states between 2015 and 2016 and collected more than 8500 units of blood. The unique feature of this campaign is that all the units of blood collected go to the Blood Banks located under the local District Hospital, where maximum number of patients getting operated, who come under below poverty line category are benefitted. The enthusiasm with which the volunteers had donated blood can be noted from the fact that often during these blood donation camps, we had to refuse volunteers from donating due to lack of space at the blood banks for the collection. With our high spirited endeavor, AUF has been able to provide regular supply of blood to the blood banks in cities like Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow and Dehradun for months. AUF has not only given new hope of lives to those who needed blood, but also given a chance to many, to contribute meaningfully to the society.

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Viklang Shivir

Amar Ujala Foundation has been empowering the disabled’s since late 2013. In 2015 - 2016, Amar Ujala Foundation held 3 mega camps at Agra, Allahabad and Dehraun in which more than 10,000 physically handicapped people got benefitted. These massive one day workshop provided a one stop solution for all the needs of the disables. Meaning to say, in this one day workshop, not only did the disables got free full body medical checkup, but also got a chance to interact with senior Doctors of the country and scheduled operations and surgeries in the cases where there was hope of improvement. Not only this, free hearing aids, calipers, wheel chairs and tricycles have been distributed to more than 10,000 physically challenges people. Along with this, provision for on the spot registration for travel concession passes, disability certificates as well as Jobs and Vocation Training was also made available at the same venue at every camp.

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Evening Clinics

Amar Ujala Foundation inaugurated an Evening Clinic called Janhit Clinic on Amar Ujala Agra’s 67th foundation day at Rajnagar Agra. Amar Ujala Foundation has been continuously organizing health checkups camps at various remote locations where proper health services are not available. Understanding our responsibilities and taking one step forward, Amar Ujala Foundation started an evening health clinic in order to cater to the needs of low lying backward areas of Agra, where normally people lack enough money and awareness for proper medical treatment. Janhit Clinic is run by some senior government doctors under the direct supervision of the local CMO and District Administration. Several awareness campaigns and events are organized in the locality from time to time, in order to uplift the health and hygiene standards of the backward communities.

We have also been involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of Acid Survivors across India since 2011

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