Police Ki Paathshala

This program is focused on increasing the awareness of the laws, and empowering young generation to understand the system of Policing.

Amar Ujala Foundation conducts 1 to 2 interaction sessions every month at every unit since October 2014. These interaction sessions are mostly held during the assembly time, or in the afternoon as per the convenience of school and the police team, in selected schools/clubs/societies every month. These sessions are aimed to introduce the senior officers working in the local area to the students/teachers/local masses, and make the police personnel’s more approachable, while primarily building a better understanding of the law amongst the students. Each session is usually of 1 to 2 hour depending on the police team. The police team interacts with the students to make them aware about the various safety precautions and laws, thereafter discussing case specific administrative  measures.

The basic objective of this activity is to empower each citizen of the society to understand the basic laws and prevent further crimes in the city. When the students would themselves get an opportunity to interact with the local police officials of their area, they would find the police and the law, more approachable. They would get to know the officers personally. This way the police would engage with the society, discuss the current scenario of crime in the city, and can spread their message through these messengers.

Going further, every school can be motivated to appoint a Junior Cop, who can get in touch with the local police officers, and initiate a discussion on the case studies, and what can be done on the society level, in order to prevent further crimes.